Rant From a Dark Place

I have been hesitant about making this post. I have been unsure with how to go about writing it because my posts have always been filled with scripture and encouraging words and I do not want my words to stir up any doubts in the minds of others about the love and care of God. On the other hand, I believe in being transparent and believe that if you share your dark places, that will encourage others to come out of their own places of unpleasantness and share their own dark places.

My circumstances changed about eight months ago and I am going through a patch of difficulty and do not know what to do about it. I know to cry out to the Lord and I have been doing that, but I don’t seem to be getting any respite from the pain that I am in, although I am encouraged by the word of God and spent quite a long time in the pages of my bible last night, receiving strength from the Lord. But the bulk of the pain does not seem to be leaving me. It is weighing on me like an anchor and I do not know how to put it down or if God will see fit to remove it from me. He doesn’t always respond to us in the way that we would like, but He never fails to be right when it comes to dealing with us, so I choose to trust Him in this pain. I will lean on Him and allow His precious Holy Spirit guide me over the various traps that the enemy has laid for me and the potholes that line the road I am presently travelling on.

I do not like pain. Never did, never will. But I know that without pain, we cannot experience God’s best for us. We can’t experience the glory without suffering. The apostle Paul said that we would suffer and that we would reign with Jesis when we did suffer. So I choose to suffer. The Lord has brought me through many a heartache and heartbreak and He will see me through this turmoil that is my life at the moment.

This posting isn’t as dark as I feared it might be. Must mean that I am growing in the grace of our Lord. He keeps me. He loves me. And He is in control of all things. All powerful. All knowing. All loving. That’s my God. He is by my side, ready to come to my aid. He said He would never leave me nor forsake me and His word is true. I choose to believe the report of the Lord. The devil can drown in a lake for all I care.

I have the victory. God always causes me to triumph, as He says in His word. When the Lord gets through with me, the devil is in trouble.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.




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