God is Always There Whether You Feel Him or Not

I’ve been going through a difficult time as of late. Tension has taken a hold of me and I have not been happy. I have been feeling trapped and have wondered what purpose the Lord has for this latest trial and the tribulation that seems to be a permanent part of my life.

I have talked with God. I have asked Him what to do. I have told Him that I cannot live this life without Him and His comfort. He is being silent to me but He has whispered words of scripture in my ear which has encouraged me. He told me that I was more than a conqueror. He told me that He always causes us to triumph. He told me that He is always with me. And I find that to be true. God is with us whether we feel Him or not.

We can depend upon the Lord no matter what our circumstances tell us. My present circumstances are telling me that I am dealing with life alone, but I beg to differ. We do not live according to our feelings. The word says that we live according to our faith and that is what I must stand upon as I traverse this unknown desert land in which I find myself in. I must wrap my faith around me like a cloak that will keep me warm and protected. God’s word is a sure place to stand on and my footing is sure as I keep my faith in Him.

The Lord loves me. Of this, I am absolutely sure. He loves me when things go well, and He loves me when my life is in pieces around my feet. I have lived on this earth long enough to experience the love of God and of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God is here. He is here for me. And for you. Depend on Him and you, too, will know His sovereignty and His love.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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