Oh, How God Loves Me!

H I am sitting at my desk with a cool breeze wafting around me from the window, and I have a dreamy expression on my face. For I am thinking about the love of God and what that means to me, both personally and from the perspective of my life.

I am currently reading a book entitled “God Loves You” and in it the author is expounding upon it the many ways that God loves us. I had to get up from the bed upon where I lay and come here and add my thoughts about the book and what I think of the love of God.

For, you see, my ideas and thoughts about the love of God has taken a monumental turn since my latest adventure along this road to freedom that I am travelling upon. In my last post, I wrote about the various changes that were taking place in my life and that things were getting a bit scary for me because things were so different. However, once I adjusted to the happenings and comings and goings, I was able to see God in a new and a better light.

I’d always believed that God loved me from my head. If you asked me if He loved me, I would tell you, “Absolutely!” But I found as I travelled along my journey alongside Him that that knowledge had been coming from my head and not my heart. I believed with everything in me that God loved me in an intellectual sense. But from a personal perspective, I must admit that I had been having some trouble perceiving and believing that God loved ME just as I am and that He loves me so much that there is literally nothing that He has not already given to me to show me His love. The fact that He sent His Only Son to die on the cross for me flabbergasts me. I mean, who in the world would not only WANT to die for me, but DID die for me, taking my place and freeing me from a world of sin and of shame and condemnation and replacing that with liberty and joy and peace. All free. I did not have to earn it, nor could I if I even tried. It was a free gift from the One Who loves me so much that He gave the most precious gift that He had. His Son.

And what can I say about the Son Who loved me so much that He endured this world for 33 years and went through the most unimagineable pain and suffering just for me? (“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Heb.12:2) I mean, I cannot even fathom someone loving me so much that they would literally give up the the throne of heaven, come down to this earth, and go through many things just to set me free. Because I had always seen myself as someone who needed to be worked on. Someone who was always striving to be a good daughter of God and a good person and I have failed my own version of a “good” person so many times that it would make your head spin.

I have spent much of my life trying to “find God” and to earn His love and favor. My latest journey and the challenges that I faced, along with the giants of fears proved to me without a shadow of a doubt that God not only loves me, but that He has been right beside me all of the time, holding my hand, loving me, leading me on the right paths, and cheering me on. And here I am, having been trying to “earn” what had been freely given to me all the time. (“freely ye have received, freely give.” Matt.10:8b) (“He that spared not his own Son, but delivered him up for us all, how shall he not with him also freely give us all things?” Rom.8:32) If God would actally not spare His Own Son, but gave Him up for us all, why WOULDN’T He freely give us all things! That wouldn’t make sense, would it? I mean, here God is, giving His Son for the life of all mankind, and yet we treat Him as though He is some mean ogre in the sky just waiting for us to mess up so that He can punish us. Or that He is deliberately withholding good things from us to teach us a lesson or something. God wants us to have the kingdom far more than we want to have it.

My perspective of life has changed. Because I am no longer living my life in order to BE loved, I am simply basking in the fact that I AM loved and beginning to enjoy my relationship with God as a real and intimate thing, not rules to be followed or lines that cannot be crossed. I am free to be the daughter of the King I was meant to be: one at complete liberty.

God loves me. Wow. That knowledge fills me with the most profound sense of worth and completion and the joy that goes along with it cannot be described. It can only be experienced in the light of the love of God.

He loves me. God loves ME. Wow.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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