Yes, Lord

The Lord is calling me. Calling me to a higher dedication and service to Him and my soul says, “Yes, Lord!”

God has been dealing with me lately. As I have travelled along on this latest leg of my journey of freedom, I have been cognizant of His wonder-working power in my life. The Holy Ghost has been right beside me to guide me and show me the right paths to take. And my Shepherd, Jesus, has been ahead of me, going before me, watching out for me and keeping me from all danger and harm.

I have had to face the enemy head-on. And I have done so and have won the victory in the area of my feelings and the flesh. For the flesh has risen up inside me, trying to push me to go against God’s Word and the leading of the Holy Spirit. But God has not allowed the adversary the devil to have the upper hand. At the times where I felt overwhelmed by my feelings, God stepped in and caused me to triumph, because He always causeth us to triumph in Christ. (2 Cor.2:14)

I have such a voracious appetite for God. I hunger and I thirst for Him and my greatest desire is for Him to have His way in my life. HIS will and not my own. My very soul cries out for the living God. (Ps.84:2)

I had to confront myself and repent of my attitude a few days ago because my attitude was not right. I found myself dissatisfied with my life and I told God that I did not want any responsibility at all; that I did not want to be responsible for anything. That attitude shocked me because I have always been a very responsible person and for me to say such a thing to God filled me with disgust. I immediately went on a fast so that I could bring this flesh under subjection because it had become unruly. Me not being responsible! What a crock!

God has been doing some amazing things through this fast. He has been burning out doubt and unbelief and has been putting me into the Word, opening up the scriptures to me. I have also spent some time watching some Christian programs on my VCR and have been blessed by the Lord in that area, as well. The flesh has been crucified and I am looking forward to God doing new things in my life and heart. I say, “Yes, Lord!”

Everything in me says yes to the Lord. Everything. I am willing to do what it takes to be obedient to the call of the Spirit. I want nothing more than to please God and obedience is the highest praise and sacrifice to Him and I am determined to give Him my best in every area of my life. My soul says, “Yes, Lord!”

I encourage you to say, “Yes, Lord.” Give Him your very heart and soul and trust Him to take you places where you have never dreamed of being. He will as you are obedient to Him and rely upon Him. He is a faithful God  and loves you beyond measure.

Lord, I pray that we all surrender to You and Your will. I pray that we give to You all that we are, trusting You to take us and mold us into the image of Your dear and precious Son, Jesus Christ. You will do so as we continue to say the words that you want to hear: “Yes, Lord!”

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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