Where I Am

So this is where I am: The Lord has seen fit to take me to places I have never been before, revisited haunts of my past, and has seemingly left me on my own during some treacherous travel passages through tight and dangerous terrain.

The Lord has been breaking me. He is saving me from me. How is He doing that, you ask? By making me see that I cannot walk in the flesh and be available to the Spirit at the same time. By showing me the various attitudes that I have been bringing to Him lately, and some of those attitudes were not pretty. They were full of the self. And  when we are filled with self, God cannot use us. We aren’t fit for  anything except repenting to God and allowing the Holy Spirit to wash, cleanse, and renew our spirits and our minds. Only then will we be ready to be used by God. Only then will we be of any use to the Spirit of God.

I’ve had to go through some difficult challenges these past few months. I have not known whether I was going or coming and I spent much time asking questions of the Lord, looking for His guidance and for Him to show me His Hand and/or His handiwork in my life.

For a while, it seemed as though I was fighting a losing battle as I battled between the flesh and the Spirit. It felt as though the Lord had left me alone to grapple with the forces of darkness and even despair. For a time, it seemed as though I was on the losing end of the bout. And then the Lord weighed in on the subject and the rest is history. Because the Lord brought the victory with Him when He came because He always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus. (1 Cor.2:14) God showed me that I am never alone and that no matter what things look like, if I trust in Him, He will bring me out on top. Not some of the time. EVERY time. I will find victories every where I look if I continue to trust in Him.

It has been hard for me, as of late. Hard because I have been relying on my feelings instead of relying on the Spirit. I’ve taken some hard knocks and have been knocked for a loop on more than one occasion as I have looked to my feelings to bring me validation instead of the Word of God itself. I’ve had to learn some hard lessons and swallow a few bitter pills of truth and it has NOT been easy. But it has been necessary for my growth and development in the things and the ways of God.

No one said that the ways of the Lord would always be easy. But they are always right and if you follow them, you will always come out on top of the circumstances of your life.

There has been bumps and bruises along this leg of my journey and I have not been having the best of times. But I have been getting the best of the Word through sound teaching and that teaching has put me back onto the plain paths of the Lord, and for that I am grateful.

Who knows where I am headed? I do not know where the Lord will take me, but I DO know that the Lord will not steer me wrong.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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