All Things Are Possible

With God, all things are possible. And that means all things. The very things that you are afraid to reach out for and try are possible to you, if you will believe God and trust in His Word. The sky is not your limit. The universe is not your limit. Heaven itself is within your grasp if you can only grasp the truth of the words “all things are possible.”
God knew exactly what He was saying when He said those words to us. It is up to us to take hold of those words and to make them our very own and soon we will see that, indeed, all things are possible.
My pastor today was expounding upon the fact that all things are possible through Jesus today and that stirred my faith like never before and I am eager to try out those words for myself. I am ready to believe God for bigger and better things. I am ready to trust in the Lord for all of my dreams and plans and know that nothing is impossible to me if I but only believe. And all things are possible for YOU.

Nothing is impossible for God to do. Nothing. He not only hung the stars in the sky and placed the planets in place, He made YOU. And He made you well. He knew exactly what He was doing when He fashioned you with His Hands and has awesome plans for your life. He wants to do the impossible. All He needs is your faith. He will do the rest.

All things are possible. Believe that today and you will see miracles tomorrow.

Blessed be the Name of the Lord.

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