Why I Am Here

Before I go into the many and varied ways that God has restored me to my right mind and given me victories in place of all of the defeats that have occurred in my life, I am going to share some of my views about Christianity.

I can absolutely understand why so many people feel ambivalent and even darned angry at the existence of Jesus Christ and God. Wholeheartedly. Because so many people who profess the Name of the Lord have not only used His Name in vain, but have failed to live according to His Word and His principles and there is not much that I can stomach less than hypocrites—people who profess one thing and yet live in such a way that you cannot tell the difference between them and the devil, himself. I will be addressing that and many other topics.

One thing that has frustrated me over the years is the lack of transparency and truth in the body of Christ. So many act as though they have no struggles, problems, doubts, or questions about God and His ways. They act as though everything is sunlight and strawberries and that there is no such thing as conflict or hardship when one follows Chirst, and nothing could be further from the Truth of the Word of God.

Many Christians behave as though they do not cry, get frustrated, are afraid, depressed at times, and many times want to throw in the towel because the trials and sufferings that we go through get so hard and are so painful. Instead, they paint on a big smile and say, “All is well,” when they are struggling internally with doubts, fears, uncertainty, and a host of other human emotions that we ALL endure who inhabit this earth. That has always gotten on my last nerve. For I have wondered, “Where on earth are the REAL Christians? Why cannot people be real so that they can not only be healed, but actually help others who have been and are struggling with the same issues, but are afraid to do so because they will be accused of not having enough faith or are “allowing the devil to influence their emotions”?

The number one reason for the creation of this blog is so that people will get to know a real, live person with problems, struggles, and great sufferings who have come out on the other side because she took all of herself—doubts, fears, anger, confusion…you name it, I’ve felt it, to the Lord and HE has dealt with both me and my fears and have delivered me from them. (Ps.34:4)

I am the kind of woman who is unafraid to share her own darkness or emtions because I know that if I reveal myself and the monsters that have hounded me for the majority of my life, that others will have the courage to share their own struggles and receive encouragement and hope that they, too, can be free.

So, I am going to be speaking not only about my freedom from all that had me bound, I am going to be expounding about the concept of The Big Bang theory, evolution, the lack of true love amongst Christians and the world at large, and a host of other things. It’s going to be interesting around here because I have been carrying many questions and indictments in my heart against Christianity and those who profess to carry the banner of God.

So, stick around. I promise you won’t be bored.LOL

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